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OneNote Fix Toolbox provides data recovery services supporting the analysis of Microsoft OneNote documents
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22 August 2013

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This tool can help recover data from corrupt One Note documents.

One Note software solution helps many users manage their personal data. Many people use it for storing business notes too. Should such documents get corrupted it can be quite a disaster at personal and work level. A recovery tool can be useful irrespective of any specific reason for data corruption. The interface is simple and is an intuitive wizard-based one. Users with even minimal computer skills will be able to get productive quickly. The process is simple; select a damaged file, and then this program tool starts analyzing the same to find what could be recovered. The tool will then seek user’s approval. A new file with recovered data will be created should the user approve the recovered data. The tool goes inspects the file structure to decide what could be recovered.

Specifying the damaged file could be done in different ways. To select a damaged file, type its name and path into the input field located in the center of the program Window. Alternately, you could use the standard Windows open file dialog. It is also possible to select one of the previously used files from the drop-down list that can be opened easily. Once the file has been selected, the next step is the click on the Analyze button to get the analysis phase started. The software analyzes the structure of the file and outputs a list of detected recoverable images, their number and size are listed. This is a good tool.

Publisher's description

Try OneNote Fix Toolbox if you encounter data corruption issues in Microsoft OneNote files, this program may get your data back even after the most serious instances of data corruption, affecting the internal structure of *.one files. Owing to the absence of known compatibility issues you may apply this data recovery solution on all computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system, get the setup file of OneNote Fix Toolbox on your PC and simply follow the instructions of Microsoft OneNote recovery. Thanks to the small size of its binaries, you may get the Microsoft OneNote repair application within a minute after your decision to recover *.one files, just get the setup file on your PC and click this file to proceed. Make sure you accept all terms of agreement before starting the recovery of corrupted documents, otherwise the installation is interrupted. After the end of installation you may click the shortcut of OneNote Fix Toolbox to proceed and take a closer look at the interface of Microsoft OneNote repair utility, it is so easy that you may start the processing of selected documents immediately after the first start of Microsoft OneNote recovery program. Since there are no additional guidelines about the recovery of *.one files, you may simply follow the directions of OneNote Fix Toolbox and select a file of Microsoft OneNote format to be processed. The network support of OneNote Fix Toolbox allows opening these documents from any location in the network, including other computers and file servers, please move to the following stage and use the open file button to continue. This application recovers *.one file automatically, but you should check the path and make sure it is correct, otherwise you may start the analysis for a wrong file. However, there is no need to worry about the integrity of selected files, this tool works with copies only and does not modify Microsoft OneNote files during the processing of *.one documents.
OneNote Fix Toolbox
OneNote Fix Toolbox
Version 2.0.1
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